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Noble Texas Builders

Three Noble Forces Form New Construction Company


The summer before college, Alfredo Garcia Jr., worked with his dad who was a shipping and receiving clerk at a lumber company. He enjoyed w

orking alongside him; it was a rare situation that he appreciated especially because his father worked long hours away from home when Garcia was a child. “I started from the bottom sweeping warehouses, delivering doors, and window and roofing material, and eventually started to deliver material to job sites where houses were being built,” recounts Garcia.

When Garcia went on to Texas A&M University, an on-the-job training course allowed him the opportunity to work for a framing company. “Throughout my college years, I framed houses. From then on my passion for construction just grew.”

Patrick Williams got his start in commercial construction while he was attending college at the University of Texas in Austin. “My two brothers were in construction and I needed a way to pay for my education,” said Williams who was studying structural engineering.

After he graduated, he applied for several engineering positions throughout the country, such as the Central Intelligence Agency, Texas Highway Department, and Texaco Oil. He wasn’t getting the callbacks he expected for quite some time until one day a large general contracting company called him up and offered him a job.

Rene Capistran was a young boy when he began learning invaluable carpentry skills from his dad, who was not only a businessman, but a jack-of-all-trades. Also, as a kid, building with Legos was his number one pastime. However, Capistran’s career did not start out in construction like his business partners.

Capistran served in the U.S. Navy as a military police officer. That led him to become a police officer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. One day while on the job, he had an epiphany. He looked out at the Dallas skyline and marveled at the large buildings. He felt his true purpose calling, and that was to build.

These three joined forces in February 2015 to create Noble Texas Builders, a general contracting, design + build and construction management services firm with offices in Weslaco and Wimberley. Capistran as president, Williams as vice-president, and Garcia as director of operations formed a partnership that encompasses three shared core values: trust, team, and community.

“Together we developed something based on a philosophy that we truly believe in and that’s having fun doing what we love to do. We love construction and we have fun working together,” said Williams. At one point, all three partners worked for the same large construction company. Undeniably, working for that company was a major turning point for all of them.

Noble Texas Builders’ vision of starting off slow, has moved faster than any of the partners anticipated. “Business has grown a lot quicker than we expected, but it’s for the better,” Garcia said. “The community has embraced us and allowed us to bid work and give pricing to different entities and companies.”

Twenty-five years in the construction business has taught Williams that loyalty and integrity are two qualities that owners seek when hiring someone for a construction project.

Capistran added, “We knew that it would take a lot of hard work to break through as the ‘new guys’ in the market, but really a lot of customers have known us for many years, so we’ve just built on the trust that we already had with those established relationships. I believe that it’s our experience and integrity that allows people to say yes to us.”

As the company approaches its one-year mark, Garcia reflects on what that means to him. “We are extremely thankful to our clients,” said Garcia. “Starting a new business isn’t easy. You hire talented people and it works out great. We are pursing many opportunities for growth, not only for our business, but growth for the community, and bringing more to the area that inevitably enhances the quality of life for the people here.” Noble Texas Builders’ ultimate goal is to create buildings that have a lasting impact on the community.

Capistran recalls one of his favorite projects, Sunny Glen Children’s Home; it is a safe and loving environment that provides care to neglected and abused children. “Making a connection for the betterment of a child is something that you can’t put a price on. Projects like that reaffirm the significance of our role in the community and prove our passion for construction makes our job that much more enjoyable,” Capistran said. TBB

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